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Barilla is an Italian family-owned food company. Established in 1877, it’s now an international Group present in more than 100 countries. A world leader in the markets of pasta and ready–to–use sauces in continental Europe, bakery products in Italy and crispbread in Scandinavia, the Barilla Group is recognized worldwide as a symbol of Italian know–how.

“Basically, we are pasta makers and bakers; this is the line of work our family has pursued over the last four generations, with the help of outstanding coworkers. It is the only line of work we can and try to improve every day.” - Guido Barilla

Established in 1998 Eve's Teas pride themselves for being one of the pioneers in bringing Green tea, Oolong tea and the most well-known Instant Honeyed Ginger Drink to the South African market. Since then Eve’s Tea’s product range has increased to a stage where they are able to offer a large variety of Asian beverages.

Originating from different parts of Asia, Eve’s Tea’s products are chosen through a meticulous selection process. Taste, quality and affordability are all taken into consideration before a product is added to the collection.

Eve's Teas strive to be the preferred supplier of Asian beverages and will continue to source quality tea for our clients' enjoyment.

Snack of the People

Frimax believe that what you put in, is what you get out. This is what makes Frimax and its flavours so loved.

They ensure that every packet is filled with the beautiful goodness and flavour packed taste that you've come to expect from them! Quality is at the very heart of what Frimax does. Based in Verulam, South Africa - Frimax Foods is loved across many countries and is a household name and trusted brand in South Africa.

Whether it be at the school tuckshop, at your favorite garage or from the hawker on the street, the nostalgic taste will continue on from generation to generation. Fulfilling a legacy of Quality and Goodness…

Glutagon produces, sources and supplies gluten free foods of the highest quality. It is Glutagon's intention that their customers enjoy a “no compromise” experience when enjoying Glutagon products. Glutagon take their gluten free claim seriously and to this end, Glutagon products are routinely laboratory tested for gluten.

Glutagon's premises were the first 100% gluten free facility in South Africa to prevent cross contamination and this is a further indication of Glutagon's commitment to customers’ safety and peace of mind. Each and every batch of Glutagon delicious products, whether imported or locally produced, must pass stringent safety and quality tests before making their way into your home.

The quality of coffee is determined by its origin. Grandos source their green coffee from the best growing areas. Finally, experienced master roasters compose unique blends from the green beans.

Achieving a high-quality coffee taste is actually quite simple: you just have to give your best in every step of the production.

With Grandos, the green beans are first cleaned, then gently roasted, then ground and extracted. There are three different processes for drying the coffee extract: spray drying, agglomeration and freeze drying.

Controls and analysis throughout the process ensure reliable quality and guaranteed enjoyment.

‘The longer the noodle the longer your life will be,’ was a common Chinese belief, therefore noodles were commonly eaten during birthday celebrations. Today noodles are enjoyed by many on any occasion due to their great versatility.

Instant packet noodles and Japanese ramen are a staple of Asian cuisine and a must-have for any pantry or cupboard.

Select from Haka’s fantastic variety of instant noodles, perfect for stir fries, soups and salads!

Hey Baby! Products are carefully sourced from all over the world and imported to South Africa.

Their rice cakes and teething biscuits are GMO-free, gluten-free and the teething biscuits come in handy BPA-free packaging, easy to grab and run. Easy on tummies, little hands and mouth. Hey Baby! are working on developing even more healthy snacks for you and your family.

The yummy, light and convenient snacks are easy to hold, easy to pack, easy to eat and even easier to digest.

With a variety of shapes for little fingers to explore, organic puffs are perfect to relieve those aching gums and fill hungry tummies.

Homespun, delicious stocks, sauces and spices are the lifeblood of the Ina Paarman brand. It is what a good home cook could do in their own kitchen if they had the time, but on a larger scale.

Ina, her husband Ted and Graham started the business with the proceeds from Ina’s self-published cookbook “Cook with Ina Paarman”, aided by Ted’s uncharacteristically bold decision to invest his hard-earned retirement savings into this start-up venture, despite his inherent aversion to risk taking. Thanks to his foresight and courage in entrusting his financial future to the relative inexperience of his determined wife and youthfully idealistic son, this seed capital enabled Paarman Foods to embark on a truly remarkable and uplifting South African journey.

The ensuing 25 years have seen this embryonic business transform itself into a household brand with an enviable reputation, now exporting to more than 32 countries around the globe.

In 1971, one man had a dream… And that man was Darryl Senior…
To build a sweet factory that would produce the best sweets in the business Mister Sweet started in Primrose with only 15 employees, in a 600 square meter factory.

His tenacious personality and dogged single-mindedness ensured the business grew slowly.

For Darryl, the two keys to success in his business have been good quality product, great variety and constant innovation. Keys that remain at the heart of the business today.

In June 2021 Mister Sweet found its new home when it was bought by Premier FMCG.

Montagu is a trusted South African brand, known for our moreish array of dried fruit and nuts. Their bright orange branding, reflect the values and philosophy of providing Goodness you can trust.

The Montagu brand is regarded as a pioneer in the snacking industry for offering a delicious and diverse range of modern snack options that support consumers who aspire to lead a healthier lifestyle.

In 2018, Montagu became a part of the Acorn Agri and Food family - a leading South African vertically integrated agriculture and food group with a hundred-year legacy. As part of this transformation, Montagu has grown significantly to hold both local and international distribution and supplies products to a large number of Montagu Branded stores, as well as numerous retail and convenience stores across the continent.

Wasa crispbreads start with a few simple ingredients. They believe that real ingredients have the richest taste, and that's why they keep it to the essentials.

But also real at heart. As Real and Genuine as Swedish Nature*. A handful of carefully selected ingredients that are mixed to create the rustic, authentic product, delivering a distinctive crunch.

Wasa has been crafting new products, exploring new flavors, always looking into their founding values, since 1919.